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Grandview offers recreational, cultural and religious activities
to satisfy the desires of every tenant. Included are a spacious
lounge with cable TV, VCR and a piano. Afternoon movies are
scheduled for tenants on a regular basis. Area entertainment
such as music, local musicians and performers are planned, and
holiday festivities are all regular activities. Some activities
are limited to "tenants only".

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Other Activities

Resident gatherings for special projects and crafts
Clergy visits for weekly worship services
Exercise Class, 3 to 4 times a week
Card playing and Bingo
Weekly Bible Study groups
Monthly tenants meeting
Mom & Dad BBQ
Cake & Ice Cream Birthday Socials
Regular Fire drills

Daily Meal

Grandview provides a home cooked meal to our tenants, served at
noon daily in our dining room, seven days a week. While not open to
the general public, friends and family members of our tenants are
welcome to join us for the daily meal. Snacks and coffee are available
throughout the day. Please be advised that seating is limited.


Thank you for visiting us!

Tours of our Facilities are available. If you
wish to have a tour of Grandview, please
contact the General Manager for an appointment
at (406) 377-3575.

Grandview Retirement Home, Inc.
1711 N. Merrill Ave.
Glendive, Montana 59330
(406) 377-3575

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